Tyga Tries To Take Guard's Gun After Being Kicked Out Of Floyd Mayweather’s Bash!

Tyga Tries To Take Guard's Gun After Being Kicked Out Of Floyd Mayweather’s Bash!
Credit: Source: complex.com

As he was being dragged out of Floyd Mayweather’s party at a club, Tyga reached for his security guard’s gun so things could have ended very badly! Check out the details!

According to a report by TMZ, the rapper was kicked out of Sunset Room last night after getting into an argument with someone else at the party.

However, Tyga did not give up easily! After being removed, the man tried to take his own bodyguard's gun!

Fortunately, however, the guard quickly realized it and managed to stop the rapper from taking the weapon.

In a clip obtained by the news outlet, Tyga can be heard yelling ‘alright bro. Chill out,’ while being taken out of the club.

Some people there asked him if he was alright after being kicked out of the place.

The rapper remained close to his bodyguard and reached for the gun in his pocket multiple times since the other man did not let him take it!

Seeing how the guard would not comply, he eventually gave up, which is, of course, all for the better since it may have caused the situation to escalate and something tragic to happen.

Tyga’s bodyguard can be seen talking to him in the video, probably trying to convince the star to calm down, leave the scene and avoid any more drama.

As the paparazzi gathered there started asking what happened, the rapper walked away from them, and then began running.

Later on in the vid, Tyga can be seen having an argument with the guard for unknown reasons, although it probably had a lot to do with him refusing to give him the gun.

Suggesting that the rapper probably wanted to go back and continue fighting with the other party attendee, or with the club guard that kicked him out, eyewitnesses were telling him that ‘he’s not worth it.’

At this time, it is unknown what the initial spat was about and why Tyga was the one escorted out.

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