Trump Blasts The Oscars For Giving Best Film Award To South Korean Film Parasite

Trump Blasts The Oscars For Giving Best Film Award To South Korean Film Parasite
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Cinephiles know that the South Korean film, Parasite , won the Best Picture at this year's Oscars awards, which was a big surprise to everyone in the industry, but also a welcomed one. It made history as the first foreign-language movie to do so, Movie Web claims.

While most people on social media welcomed the film's win, Donald Trump was apparently less impressed. In fact, the president of the United States commented on the Oscar win while at a re-election rally in Colorado Springs.

Trump, while on stage, asked, "what the h*ll was that all about?" The president asked why a movie from South Korea won Best Picture, especially considering all of the problems the USA is supposedly having with South Korean trade.

Trump stated that it was odd to him because he thought the film would walk away with the Best Foreign Movie award, rather than Best Picture. Fans of Trump know that the president has adopted an "America first" mentality, although, this doesn't seem to be the direction that the film industry is going in.

As fans of Parasite know, the film has garnered critical acclaim by nearly all critics. Additionally, it comes as a surprise due to the fact that most American audiences prefer watching movies without subtitles. The film's dialogue is in Korean.

In addition to Parasite 's win for Best Picture, the movie's director, Bong Joon-ho, won the Oscar for best direction as well. During his speech, the director thanked the work of other filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino as well as Martin Scorsese, who have inspired him to make movies for years.

As most know, the Oscars have, in recent years, come under fire for supposedly undervaluing the work of people of color and other cultures in the United States. For that reason, the Academy has since been working toward acknowledging other films.

While Donald Trump seems to want the Academy to go back to the old times, the industry has chosen to go in the opposite direction.

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