Trey Songz Denies Claim That He Assaulted Celina Powell's Friend Aliza

Trey Songz Denies Claim That He Assaulted Celina Powell's Friend Aliza
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Earlier this week, Celina Powell 's friend, Aliza, said in an interview that Trey Songz had kidnapped and urinated on her in a hotel washroom. In response to the allegations, Trey dropped a tweet on Wednesday in which he denied the claims outright.

Trey started off his post by insinuating there was value in the #MeToo movement, however, for some, it has turned into a way to vindictively attack men while generating clout for oneself. Moreover, Songz shared a number of conversations he had with Aliza on his account.

In one of the tweets, it appears as though Aliza begs him to unblock her on his social media account. Moreover, she claims she's "on her period," and can only "suck d*ck."

As most know, this wouldn't be the first time Trey Songz was put on blast for alleged sexual misconduct. Back in 2017, Keke Palmer said Trey had sexually intimidated her and used her likeness in his music video for "Pick Up The Phone" without permission.

Palmer wrote on her account at the time that just because he had given someone food, alcohol, and a "little sexual intimidation," it doesn't mean the person would buckle, likely referring to herself. Keke also said Trey had disrespected her as a young woman whom the artist has known for years.

In the same batch of tweets, Songz, this week, addressed some of the allegations of other women, writing, "I brush it off every time." Furthermore, Songz shared another text message conversation with a "Jane Doe" who accused him of assault and wanted him to pay for her therapy and tuition.

Trey Songz went on to say that regardless of the accusations, he was going to continue "pushing forward." The R&B performer considers the allegations to be the "Devil," claiming that he wants his soul more now than ever before.

Songz then thanked his accusers, suggesting it was a chance for him to rise up. This won't be the first time a music industry figure was accused of sexual misconduct. The music producer, Detail , was slapped with 15 charges earlier this year.

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