Toya Wright Spends Time With Her Family: Fans Praise Reigny Rushing And Toya's Mom

Toya Wright Spends Time With Her Family: Fans Praise Reigny Rushing And Toya's Mom
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Toya Wright had a great time together with her family at the pumpkin patch. She as there together with Reigny Rushing and her niece.

Someone said: 'Look at Reigny Growing Up On is So Cute. 😍😍'

A follower asked: 'How is that Pumpkin Patch and Farm? Wanting to go but not able to find any reviews on it.'

Someone answered: 'it’s nice great service, my kid loves it. We go every season because they have something different every time. Great ice cream. Just be mindful that at this time a lot of field trips are taking place so plan accordingly because it be PACKED.'

A commenter posted: 'Reign little voice gets me every time 😍 she pronounces all her words so good.'

A follower said: 'how do you get Reign to stay still to get her hair braided? ugh my daughter ain't having it.😫'

One other commenter wrote: 'So beautiful. That 🌈 is so beautiful, and she does some funny things. I love how you love your daughters and family. Also, you hold your city(504) down. And we love you, Sweetheart.'

Toya also shared a photo ion which she's together with her mom, and fans are in awe because everyone loves Toya's mother.

Fans praised Nita in the comments and told Toya that they are definitely twinning, especially since she cut her hair shorter.

In other news, Toya posted a couple of pics in the memoery of her late brother Josh because it would have been his birthday.

Other than this, Toya is getting ready for her birthday .

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