Toya Wright Shares Workout Videos With Robert Rushing -- They Are Headed To Boo Camp And Here Is Why

Toya Wright Shares Workout Videos With Robert Rushing -- They Are Headed To Boo Camp And Here Is Why
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A couple, who works out together, stays together. Toya Wright and her boyfriend, Robert Rushing have decided they will have even more perfect bodies for summer by joining the Boo Camp.

Reginae Carter and Reign's mother has taken to social media where she posted a few videos where she is working out and sweating like crazy with Robert.

The duo seems to be having fun as they get in the best shape of their lives. Toya and her beau are not only exercising; they are also inviting other couples to join them in their excruciating work out sessions.

Toya explained: "Day 2 with @iamthekingoffitness. Getting ready for our 1st Boo Camp class. We will be doing a fun couples workout session with @iamthekingoffitness... who wants to join us?? #wnm19 #stayfittogether."

Many fans are motivated by Robert and his lady love's session and are eager to take part in them.

One person reached out to the reality star and said: "A couple that workout together stays together get it y'all#blacklove. She is grown...Not trying to hide her dude 90's [email protected] That's what's up💪😍 I want a boo I can work out with😢🔥Teamwork makes the dream work. Toya I have those same vapormax. You go girl. 🔥🔥😁"

Another commenter wrote this sweet note to the power couple: "Babe & I workout but then we start fighting lol it’s all love. Mainly cuz I tell him to quit tryna make me do stuff. Go Toya you can do hard work pays off. You motivated me to get back to the gym today so thank you."

A female follower, who confused Toya for another celebrity, added: "Why ole girl sitting there watching instead of working out. I thought she was Shekinah at first. 👀I wish we lived in Atlanta me and the hubby would join yall."

This fan told Toya she has been inspired to grab her husband and run to the nearest gym to find the exercise routine that works for them.

She explained: "That’s cute. I wish me and my hubby was there. We just started working out together 3wks ago, and I love it😍The cameraman funny af 😫🤣🤣🤣😂😂 but yessss yo the boo camp!!🙌🏾💪🏾❤️❤️❤️"

Toya is a happy woman.

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