Toya Wright Is Working On A Healthier Lifestyle And The Support Of Her Daughters Helps

Toya Wright Is Working On A Healthier Lifestyle And The Support Of Her Daughters Helps
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Toya Wright just told her fans and followers how she's working on being healthier. First of all, she said that what matters the most is the support she's been getting from her daughters, and secondly, as expected, it's the same product she's been advertising for a while, despite the backlash she received from a part of her audience.

'As I’m working on a healthier me, two things have really helped: the support of my girls and being a #teamipartner. I love talking about the @teamiblends detox program because I can share the success I’ve had and hopefully influence someone else to start their own success! Since starting, my stomach issues are pretty much gone, I lost a couple pounds and I have tons of extra energy to stick to my new healthy lifestyle because sometimes it is hard to stay motivated. Try it out and use my code TOYA25 for 25% off your order! #thankyouteami,' Toya captioned her post on Instagram.

Most of her fans praised her beauty and said that she's aging backwards.

A follower said 'My 3-year-old daughter Peyton saw your picture and said "she is so beautiful" 😘'

Someone else posted 'She minds her business and stays out the way, looking like she aging backwards 🙌🏽 she is dope ❤️'

Another supporter told Toya: 'Awesome proud of you - you're an inspiration to a lot of women! keep up the positive energy!!! ❤️'

Someone threatened Toya with the wrath of God for promoting such a product: 'Girl you just want that money; remember you will answer to God for this lie.'

One other follower joked on the advertising Toya has been doing for this company and said 'Girl you holding that like you tired of promoting it🤣🤣💀'

Just recently, Toya celebrated her mom Nita's birthday with tons of posts on her social media account. Her fans were here for it because they just live Nita.

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