Toya Johnson Slams Lil Wayne And 50 Cent For Making Offensive Comments About Black Women In Bizarre Video

Toya Johnson Slams Lil Wayne And 50 Cent For Making Offensive Comments About Black Women In Bizarre Video
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It is a known fact that Toya Johnson will speak her mind, and she has done just that after her ex-husband, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent made some slightly offensive things about black women.

50 Cent appeared on Lil Wayne's show, where they tackled various topics. The Power producer took the opportunity to say that he only dates exotic women because he has no interest in being with the "angry black women" from his neighborhood while Lil Wayne laughed.

50 Cent is with Cuban Link, who is of Black and Puerto Rican heritage as for Lil Wayne, he is dating Denise Bidot, who is Puerto Rican/Kuwaiti.

Many slammed the rappers for the mean words. Toya, who shares daughter Reginae Carter with Lil Wayne, said: "Straight Foolish."

Another person said: "I remember you talking about this in the past with the video girls! This guy has been taught that those women are better than black women. This is the toxic behavior from their childhood 😒πŸ₯ΊπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ."

This backer shared: "Majority of black men don't want a black women after they get money & if she is black, she has to be yellow they only reason why Wayne was with toya is because she was within his reach not because he actually wanted her as you can see he about been with a dark skin. Same with, 50. & most of the well off. We are treated as the lowest man on the totem pole outside our race, but we're also treated like that by our own men."

This follower explained: "Shout out to the basic Angry Black Women they had kids with, their Mom's, their Cousin's... shid aint that funny nah, huh? This conversation is deeper and more nuanced. 50 has the intelligence to have it, but this was not it. Black Women deserve better, I'm sorry. HOW someone looks determines NOTHING about their Soul or Character so to be reduced to that alone is a conversation, and then the comparison is just ridiculous, many neighborly Black Women are stunning, beautiful, and INTERESTING, especially where he grew up. This whole conversation is Toxic, Weak, Corny af, and while some Black Women may feel a way, it's only because they collectively feel left out or unwanted and HURT when they see a continuation of disregard. Not all, but enough... thank u for coming to my Ted Talk; more later this year, remember to register to vote, double-check, and vote early! πŸ–€"

Is Toya wrong for speaking out?


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