Tory Lanez Celebrates His Musical Independence Following His Departure From Interscope Records

Tory Lanez Celebrates His Musical Independence Following His Departure From Interscope Records
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Tory Lanez recently dropped a brand new single, "Temperature Rising," independently and he couldn't be happier about it. Hot New Hip Hop reported on a social media post from the artist recently in which he claimed he was finally free from his prior record contract and couldn't be more thrilled.

During the summertime of 2015, Tory signed with Interscope Records, a relationship that subsequently continued for the following five years. However, when he dropped his final mixtape with them, The New Toronto 3, Tory fulfilled all of his obligations with the record label and was officially permitted to break free.

These days, Tory is releasing new music under his own record label, One Umbrella Records. When the month of May finally came around, Tory released a post on social media stating that his first independently released single would hit streaming platforms on the 15th of May.

On his account, Tory stated he waited a long four years to finally become his own boss. He screen-shotted a picture of his song on Apple Music and circled his label's logo with a red circle. Furthermore, Tory went on to explain just how great it was for him.

The artist says he finally owns all of his own royalties, publishing, masters, and it means the world to him, even though it might not mean much to others who are outside of the music business. Moreover, Tory claimed the music video created along with the video should've been a "porno."

In case you missed it, in April, Lanez announced that he was receiving offers from many different record labels since he first left Interscope, however, he had no interest in not being his own boss. The star went on to say that he didn't care much about their offers because he now owns everything he creates.

Lanez insinuated there was no way that anyone could beat the deal he officially has in place for himself: that of a free agent who owns everything produced.

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