Tiny Harris Shares A Sweet Photo Of Heiress Harris That Charms Fans On The Spot

Tiny Harris Shares A Sweet Photo Of Heiress Harris That Charms Fans On The Spot
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Tiny Harris shared the sweetest photo of her daughter Heiress harris. In the pic, the genius child is wearing a cute mask, and Tiny sends fans a message about the importance of staying corona-free. Check out the post below.

'Keeping It Cute & Safe... @heiressdharris my 🌞 Auntie @emilycottle77 made it #StayCoronaFree,' Tiny captioned her photo.

A follower posted this: 'She's so adorable and her mask is the cutest,' and someone else also gushed over the baby girl as well: 'I love it. Most kids don’t have on a mask when they go out. Great example.'

Someone else said: '2cute ❤️ Mommy and Daddy will make sure pretty girl is safe,' and a commenter posted this message: 'Sad to see these children in masks. Not a normal way of life but, better safe than dead. She's beautiful!'

Another commenter posted this: 'The Queen turns all de way up in her mask!! Cute!' and someone else said: 'Hmm😏❤️ will Heiress do the fruit snack challenge @majorgirl.'

One other follower said that it's sad to see kids wearing masks and posted this message: 'Awww idk why I get a lil sad every time I see a baby wearing a mask ..... I can’t wait until this is over.'

Someone else said: 'Breaks my heart to see these kids in masks 😩🙏🏾 but better safe than sorry,' and another follower posted this message, also praising Heiress: 'Oh Heiress, I love that Purple mask. Tell Auntie I need one as well, PURPLE is my signature color, baaabe.'

Earlier today, it's been revealed that Tiny made her fans and followers happy when she shared a video featuring Heiress Harris singing one of her songs.

‘My baby loves some #Xscape lol & I thought it was cause of mommy, but @iamlatocha is taking over! She loves herself some Tocha.. she made sure to tell me to send it to Tocha😩 #WhoCanIRunTo #Heiress #Xscape,’ Tiny captioned her clip.

People praised Heiress like there's no tomorrow.

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