Tiny Harris Raises Awareness About Another Shocking Case

Tiny Harris Raises Awareness About Another Shocking Case
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris just raised awareness about another shocking case on her social media account. Check out the video that she shared below.

'Ain’t no way!! There must be an investigation on this case! This family needs someone to pay for this death that was clearly not an accident!!! 👑‼️✊🏽' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone else said: 'They killed her 7 white women and nobody knows nothing? A house full of people but only one dead? Come on this is a no brainer.'

Another follower posted: 'My black ass ain’t kicking it with no white folks without one brown sister,' and someone else wrote: 'Why are they covering their faces!!!???? We need to know who they are.'

One commenter said: 'This is very scary...like a movie. They definitely need to investigate this and serve justice! It's terrifying to imagine what may have happened to her.'

Someone else wrote: 'So sad! Our sister needed our help, so let’s lookout for one another. Black Lives Matter!'

One other follower posted: 'It makes no sense at all they killed that poor woman. Ain't no way u falling off that balcony without someone pushing you in a house with more than 5 people ...one of the boyfriends's found her body early in the morning they just left her there all night not including they found her face down on the grass at 730am ..why was the police called at 9:30 am...we need answers and justice no one should go through this no one. She had a family who loved her #justicefortamlahorsford.'

Someone else said: 'I didn’t believe this story when I first heard it . Glad it is being looked into.'

A follower posted: 'Coming from Philadelphia please go out and vote today Atlanta I know a lot of you will see this comment.'

One commenter wrote: 'Yea she was killed. And they covered it up because apparently the family is “well connected”... they need to pay! #blacklivesmatter.'

Other than this, Tiny shared a sneak peek from the family show on her social media account, and fans praise Major and King Harris who are featured in the clip.

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