Tiny Harris Is Raising Another Bilingual Daughter -- This Video Proves That Having T.I. Back Under The Same Roof Is Good For Everyone

Tiny Harris Is Raising Another Bilingual Daughter -- This Video Proves That Having T.I. Back Under The Same Roof Is Good For Everyone
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Another proud moment for mama Tiny Harris who is happy to reveal that she has another bilingual daughter -- baby Heiress is following in the steps of big sister Deyjah Harris, and she is learning Spanish.

T.I.'s little girl is very impressive in a new clip that hit social media where she is working with her teacher to say her name, and that she is doing well and she is beautiful in Spanish.

As always, the two-year-old cutie pie has fans baffled by the fact that she can pronounce every word so clearly -- one Mexican mom even told Tiny that Heiress sounds better in Spanish than her own children.

Tiny explained: "My Heir Bear is learning Spanish. We’re working on her being bilingual...maybe even trilingual. #KnowledgeIsPower 👶🏽🧠."

One fan told the proud parents: "Who cares if she’s repeating her pronunciation is advanced for a baby. Hell its better than adults. Super cute. I'm mad at people coming for this baby, and they don't even understand what she said 🤔🤔 , haters, lol. Side note: An average South African child from the hood speaks 3-4 languages depending on which hood they are from, as they get older, they can probably them speak 6-7 languages. It gets to a point where a child will mix four languages in one line 😂❤️."

Another commenter stated: "If my next baby isn’t this smart, I’m sending it back 🤷🏾‍♀️wish somebody taught me this now I'm struggling in the class in high school. Nothing on earth cuter than an intelligent baby!! Kudos to her parents. She’s saying everything so clear!!"

The Mexican mother revealed: "She speaks better Spanish than my kids, and we're Mexican 😭🤣😂Her pronunciation is on point."

One vocal critic replied: "My daughters have been doing this since 11months...Most Hispanic kids are bilingual, but they’re not famous, so I guess it’s not as impressive lol."

It seems that baby Heiress is also happy and thriving more than ever with both of her parents back under the same roof.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Tiny is much happier now that T.I. has moved back in with her and the kids. Ever since this return, they have been happy, more in love than ever and things have been going really great for the couple. Their love is stronger now, their bond is tight, and they are in a great place as a couple and family.”

T.I.'s oldest daughter, Deyjah, is very bright and is fluent in Spanish and she seems ready to take over the world just like her other siblings, and baby Heiress is not far behind.

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