Tiny Harris And Zonnique Pullins Explain Why King Harris Is Special Like Dad T.I. In Sweet Picture Birthday Tributes

Tiny Harris And Zonnique Pullins Explain Why King Harris Is Special Like Dad T.I. In Sweet Picture Birthday Tributes
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Both Tiny Harris and her daughter, Zonnique Pullins, have taken to social media to share a few adorable photos of King Harris who is celebrating his 15th birthday.

Tiny revealed that King is her twin -- he has a big heart and is wild like his father, T.I. As for Zonnique, she revealed her special bond with her brother and said she considers him as her own.

Tiny wrote: "To know this kid is to love him!! My whole ❤️ & then some!!! Happy birthday to my walking heartbeat @the_next_king10 turning big 15 & I couldn’t be more excited to see this kid grow into something so amazing!! He touches everyone ❤️ he meets. My true twin...we both have that gift!! My wild card child! One with many, many talents but wild like his father with a heart like his mother but still don’t take no 💩 like his daddy!! What a wonderful Blessing I have with u baby!! Your rider till I die & even in heaven I’ll still be riding wit ya my boy!!! Hope u are having the best birthday ever on your cruise! See u when u get home!! King of my ❤️ You already know the vibes👑❤️😘💯🥰 Show him some birthday love #DripOutNow#KidSaiyanComingSoon #MyRockStar"


Zonnique had this to say: "When mom had you I knew no matter where I went you would be coming with me cause you literally had no choice lol granted you’re far from my first sibling but the first one I got to wake up with every day so it was really no one who could tell me you weren’t my child lol I love you to the moon and back, and I’ll always look after you no matter how old you get..big sister loves you!! see you when you get off the cruise 🚢
Happy Birthday, @the_next_king10."

One fan had this reaction: "Motherhood is a beautiful bond that no one can take away, and they grow up so fast."

Another commenter shared: "Family love and togetherness that's beautiful."

This backer said: "Happy birthday @the_next_king10🎈🎉🎊🙌 @majorgirl I knew there was something special about your king, we both born on the same day!!! #Legends!! Your kids are ADORABLE!!!!😍😍😍 I love me some yall!!! 😘🤗💜💖💞"

King is really feeling the love on this very special day. A lot of people have his back.

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