Tiny Harris And Her Blood Sister Pose Together Without Makeup And People Are In Awe

Tiny Harris And Her Blood Sister Pose Together Without Makeup And People Are In Awe
Credit: Essence

Tiny Harris celebrated the birthday of her blood sister , and she shared some emotional messages and pics on her social media account in order to mark the event. The other day, when Tiny told her fans that it's the birthday of her sister, they hopped in the comments and praised the ladies.

Now, Tiny made sure to share one other photo featuring the two of them, and people are in awe once more, especially since the two ladies are showing off their natural faces.

'Happy birthday to my blood sister...I’m happy to be your lil sis!! No makeup no filters needed...this love raw & real 🙏🏽👑🥰😍❤️' Tiny captioned her post.

A follower exclaimed: 'Happy Birthday #TEAMTAURUS No.make filters are needed both of you are gorgeous,' and someone else said: 'Happy birthday I hope you have a great birthday and I hope you enjoy your birthday.'

A commenter wrote: 'Nothing like big sisters @majorgirl 💜💜 Happy Birthday to your sis #TeamTaurus,' and another enthusiast fan said: 'You've always been a true beauty to me and an inspiration. My twins was "just kicking it" wayyyy back in the early '90s now they got babies.'

Someone else wrote: 'Happy Birthday!! No filters that's nice ladies because we need to teach our you g ladies that being comfortable in our natural skin is ok. It is definitely important coming from influencers.'

A person posted this: 'Happy Birthday to your sister Queen, love you for real Tiny,' and a follower wanted to know why Tiny's sister is not on her and Tip's show: '@majorgirl I thought you were an only child. Why isn’t she on the show?'

Speaking of the show, just a few days ago, Tiny made fans excited with a video in which they could check out a bit of what they will be able to see tomorrow in their favorite show.

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