The View: Whoopi Goldberg Reminds Meghan McCain To Respect Co-Hosts Opinion Amid Heated Joy Behr Discussion

The View: Whoopi Goldberg Reminds Meghan McCain To Respect Co-Hosts Opinion Amid Heated Joy Behr Discussion
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Whoopi Goldberg had to remind Meghan McCain to respect all The View  co-hosts opinions after she had another heated discussion with Joy Behr. The Sister Act alum is making it clear to all of the ladies hosting the ABC talk show that all of their voices will be heard.

On Tuesday, Goldberg had to intervene when Behr and McCain became embroiled in a heated exchange, yet again. The two women have vastly different opinions, especially when it comes to politics.

Today's hot topic was regarding Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, his testifying against Trump and Fox News' Laura Ingraham calling Vindman's loyalty into question. McCain passionately argued all veterans deserve respect. She was in the middle of giving a speech on the subject when Behr interrupted correcting one of McCain's facts.

It didn't take long for the sparring to begin. Both ladies were talking over each other and not listening to opinions, especially McCain.

"People who put their life on the line for America and freedom, their loyalty to America should not be questioned. And I'm not going to sit here and do it."

"Just because somebody served does not ipso facto make them above reproach," Behr argued.

The remarks sent McCain off and she fired back at her colleague.

"For me and where I come from, it does. If you are putting your life on the line for freedom, yes. Soldiers in this country and veterans and people who have lived and fought for freedom get a pass from me," McCain said.

It was then that Goldberg, who is the moderator of the Hot Topics segment, got involved telling everyone to "take a breath" before talking about respect. She made it clear everyone sitting at the table had a right to be heard. One person should not be taking over the discussion.

"It is The View . You know what, let me tell you something about The View. This show has always had the ability to have different points of view, which we respect around the table. And when we talk to each other, we also exhibit respect. So, when I'm saying to you, ‘Hold up, because we're not hearing each other,' I'm not trying to cut you off I'm trying to get you heard," Goldberg explained to McCain after the latter reminded her the show was called The View .

Although Meghan McCain once against tried to interrupt and derail the show, Goldberg called for commercial. When The View returned, McCain was given the chance to explain why the topic was so important to her. The ladies then moved on to other topics.


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