The Real Housewives Of Dallas Cast Did Not Think Leanne Locken's Racist Rants Would Air

The Real Housewives Of Dallas Cast Did Not Think Leanne Locken's Racist Rants Would Air
Credit: Source: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Dallas just wrapped its craziest season yet. The ladies from Texas spent the latter part of their two-part reunion chastising Leanne Locken for her rants about Kary Brittingham.

From saying that she doesn't 'speak Mexican' to calling her co-star a 'chirpy Mexican,' Locken shocked viewers and castmates with the words that she chose when slamming the Mexico native.

Her excuse as to why she said the things she did varied from being uneducated to being drunk.

Andy Cohen revealed something that caused viewers to praise Kameron Westcott and side-eye the other women.

He brought up the assumption from the ladies that the footage wouldn't air.

'LeeAnne's a very strong person, and I think she's brought a lot to the show, and I think that in a lot of ways, we felt that they've protected her,' explained Brandi Redmond.

'I never thought it would see the light of day.' said Stephanie Hollman.

Cohen also questioned whether Kameron would have still told Kary about Leanne's comments had the footage not aired.

Westcott responded: 'I would have 100 percent told you still. A hundred percent, yes. But I also didn't want to give that light, when she was doing it, give that light to that at the same time because I automatically knew how horrible it was, and I didn't want her to continue to do it. And she kept doing it, and that's why I brought it to your attention because this has gone way too far.'

This has definitely divided some viewers.

There are those who think that this kind of thing happens behind-the-scenes on RHOD regularly but the ladies only said something because they found out it would make the final cut.

While others pat Kameron on the back for not only telling Kary what was said but also speaking to Leanne about it during the finale taping.

Do you think the ladies would have been so quick to defend Brittingham if the footage didn't air?


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