Teresa Giudice Says She And Joe Will Split If He Is Deported!

Teresa Giudice Says She And Joe Will Split If He Is Deported!
Credit: Source: today.com

According to new insider reports, Teresa Giudice told Andy Cohen that if her husband Joe ends up being deported to his native country, Italy, she is determined to end things between them. Fans have been wondering how the two RHONJ stars will deal with such a situation, but it seems like the woman has no intention to follow her husband.

Instead, she sees no other solution except going their separate ways.

It sounds like Joe and Teresa’s marriage is close to an end.

At least that is what a number of different insiders tell People magazine.

Allegedly, it was Teresa herself who revealed this while shooting the reunion episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey earlier this month.

The reality TV star is worried they won’t be able to avoid the deportation, but if that is the case, she will apparently stay in the United States.

‘Teresa told Andy that if Joe gets deported, she’s not going. She said she and Joe talked about it over the phone, and that he understood,’ one source shared with the news outlet.

Meanwhile, a second insider dished the same information and added that Teresa ‘didn’t really express any sadness about that. She just focused instead on the girls. It was very matter of fact. They're obviously optimistic that he's coming home. Teresa’s hope is that they can remain together as a family.’

As fans of the show know all too well, Joe is currently serving the rest of his 41-month prison sentence, but after his punishment ends, it is possible that he will be deported to Italy.

Despite the fact that Joe has been living in the USA since he was just a baby, he never became a citizen.

That being said, the law states that if an immigrant is convicted ‘of moral turpitude’ or aggravated felony they can get deported.


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