Teresa Giudice Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring While Joe's Still In Prison - Check Out The Pic!

Teresa Giudice Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring While Joe's Still In Prison - Check Out The Pic!
Credit: Source: realityblurb.com

While her husband Joe is still behind bars, Teresa Giudice had fun at their daughter Gia’s birthday party! Of course, the father missing couldn’t be helped since he has to serve the rest of his sentence, but there was one more thing missing as well – the RHONJ star’s wedding ring!

The bash took place at home, and the proud mother posed for a pic with her now 18 year old girl, and in it, there was no ring on her finger!

But one insider claims that Teresa not wearing the accessory means nothing.

‘Teresa has not completely ditched her wedding ring. She just does not have it on in this picture. She and Joe are still married…Nothing to report here,’ the source tells Us Weekly.

Furthermore, even though in the pics, Teresa and her oldest daughter looked very happy, apparently, the entire family, including the two of them, dread his supposed deportation after serving his sentence.

Back in November, another insider shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Teresa’s daughters are suffering a lot over the news that their dad Joe might be deported [back to Italy]. The one taking it the hardest is Milania as she and Joe have a very special bond. Gia, the eldest is really realistic and mature about the entire thing and is really comforting her younger sisters.’

As for Teresa, she is supposedly ‘in denial’ while Gia is ‘the one reminding her that this really could become their reality.’

Do you think that Teresa and Joe Giudice’s relationship will survive all of these trials or not? Does she not wearing the ring mean it’s over between them?


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