Tekashi 69's Lawyer Reportedly Tries To Get Him Out On Bail - He Offers The Judge $1.5 Million

Tekashi 69's Lawyer Reportedly Tries To Get Him Out On Bail - He Offers The Judge $1.5 Million
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Tekashi 69 spent the winter holidays behind bars this year, so this must be quite a tough time for the young rapper. He'll probably be spending New Year's Eve there as well.

As it was reported a while ago, his trial is scheduled for September 2019. His lawyer seems to be doing everything humanly possible to get the young rapper out of prison.

After claiming that 69 was never a member of a gang and he just pretended for the sake of his audience, now he's trying to get Takashi out of jail on bail.

The Shade Room posted on their social media account that according to the latest reports coming from TMZ, 'Tekashi has his lawyer putting together a brand new bail package where he’s asking the judge to set his bail at $1.5M and promises he won’t be a flight risk.

Tekashi’s lawyer is Lance Lazarro, and he reportedly plans to make the argument that Tekashi is not a danger to the community or a flight risk.

TSR also wrote that 'He’s reportedly filing a motion before his next scheduled court appearance in late January.'

We hear that if Tekashi is granted bail,  he will be able to await trial in the comfort of his own crib.

'Everybody should have the right to bail out why they fight they case can’t hate on him for having the funds to do such,' someone commented in TSR's comments section.

In other news, even if the man is behind bars, he made sure to take very good care of his lady, Jade from prison.

He gifted her a Rolex for her birthday just recently, and he also bought her a car .

She flaunted both gifts on social media, showing everyone that she's crazy with excitement.

Fans don't necessarily think that this relationship will last and they keep blasting Jade, calling her a clout chaser. 50 Cent agreed and did the very same thing via social media.

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