Iggy Azalea Receives Support From Playboi Carti Following Her Dancer's Seizure On Stage

Iggy Azalea Receives Support From Playboi Carti Following Her Dancer's Seizure On Stage
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You probably know by now that during one of Iggy Azalea's concerts, a dancer of hers fell on stage and had a seizure. Iggy's fans blasted her all over social media, accusing her of continuing with her singing as if nothing had happened.

Iggy made sure to release a few comments on the subject via her social media account, updating her concertgoers and fans.

She said that her dancer was okay and she was just sick due to the heat and lights.

She also said that a performer should keep singing until the music stops, but fans just wouldn't have it and continued bashing Iggy.

Anyway, she also made sure to call for a doctor while she was on stage, so it's not like she did not do anything.

Now, her boyfriend Playboi Carti decided to support Iggy, no matter what. A source close to him addressed the subject for the online magazine Hollywood Life.

'He’s “completely standing by Iggy and doing everything he can to show how much he supports her,' the insider told the outlet.

The same source continued and said 'It breaks his heart to see how upset Iggy is right now and he understands exactly how horrible she feels about the whole situation with her dancer.'

It also seems that having Carti by her side during such a controversial moment has made Iggy fall even more in love with the man.

These two lovebirds have been linked to one another since back in September when the paparazzi caught them together on a few outings.

Anyway, Iggy now needs all the support that she can get during this time of online bullying that she has been experiencing since the incident.

As you know, she posted a heartbreaking message after all that's happened that led many to believe that the singer might slowly become suicidal .

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