Tamra Judge Slams 'Angry' Kelly Dodd After Their Fallout - 'She's Not Stable!'

Tamra Judge Slams 'Angry' Kelly Dodd After Their Fallout - 'She's Not Stable!'
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There is no doubt that Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd are no longer friends but Tamra admitted she has no idea what really caused their fallout. Regardless, during a brand new interview with HollywoodLife, she did try to predict the future of their relationship.

Kelly has been shading Tamra lately and the latter discussed the situation with the news outlet.

The chat with the site was to promote her CBD product company, Vena Wellness but of course, she could not have skipped the questions about her current relationship with Kelly since everyone interested in the show wants to know what happened.

When asked about their fallout, she dished that ‘I don’t even know what the core is to be honest with you.’

Sure enough, when the Real Housewives of Orange County’s new season premiered last month, they seemed amicable.

However, the very next day, Kelly slammed Tamra, calling her ‘stale’ in yet another HollywoodLife interview.

Just like the show's fans, Tamra is confused: ‘I don’t know, I left to go on vacation with my husband for like two days, just get out of town without cameras, and I came back to a major s**t storm where she tried to turn everybody against me and it didn’t work…At first I’m like, ‘What happened? What did I do?’ Because she was sending me nasty text messages when I was on vacation, like nasty. I mean, she’s just vile.’

She thought they were on good terms so the messages apparently ‘devastated’ her.

She does have one theory as to why the other has been acting like that, however: ‘I think she’s just an angry person. She’s not stable.’ Yikes!


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  • Debra
    Debra Sep 5, 2019 8:13 PM PDT

    I think Tamra is correct. Kelly is NOT stable! I hope she can get thevhelp she needs..she is fortunste...she has the money to do so..some dont have that luxery of Funds. She is very upset about Vicki and the cocaine habit comment..snd aldo the "Train" comment, becsus ed of daughter, which is understable in her defense...however on TWO different episodes last year she alluded to the "size" and girth (of her younger boyfriend at the time) ..once st a party..once at a fancy dinner ..and with men present?! Does she really think her daughter was pleased about that?! She says eorse things herself..Heather Debrow was right..Kelly can be vile, vicious, snd vulgar.

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