T-Pain Drops Important Message About Instagram

T-Pain Drops Important Message About Instagram
Credit: Vulture

T-Pain just dropped an important message about Instagram. Check it out below.

He also posted the following message on Twitter:

And after that, he shared this post:

He also said: 'For the ppl saying “get with the times” obviously haven’t gotten a photographer’s IG link where you gotta scroll through 10 minutes of New Years pics to see one photo they took of Meg Thee Stallion 2 years ago and the 3 more minutes of scrolling pic of their cats and girlfriend.'

Someone said: 'I'll make it sweet for you to back up what he's sayin'. If @mosseri (sorry for puttin' you on blast my brother), would shut IG down completely or there will be another hardware crash for let's say....TWO WEEKS...at their headquarters tomorrow, where else would you show your proof of your hard work? (Note: Do Not include any other social app cause they can crash too). Come on nie, hit me wit sum'n.'

A commenter posted this: 'THANK YOU! DAMMIT. And don't even be havin' shxt on they page. Just a nxgga standin' up wit money on one hand, peace sign on the other, gun on waist wit some beat up ass J'z on.......and no haircut. Where the "music" at??'


One other follower said: 'Sometimes you have to start on instagram, but eventually a website is a must for a business,' and a commenter said: 'The fact that y'all are too young to know what a "reel" is and think it's just an IG feature shows he's wrong times have changed.'

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