T.I. Teaches Fans How To Protect Their Energy - See His Message

T.I. Teaches Fans How To Protect Their Energy - See His Message
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T.I. has an uplifting message for his fans. He tries to teach his followers how to protect their energy.

The rapper said that the secret lies in the small habits such as how we spend our mornings and so on.

Check out the post that Tip shared on his social media account below.

People were really grateful to the rapper for this post.

Someone said: 'Thanks for this. Taking a screenshot,' and another follower posted this: 'Protect your energy at ALL COSTS! Folks can stay mad. My energy IS MY currency, and I spend it how and where I see fit.'

Someone else wrote: 'Amen! I pray when I wake up! Need full clarity and a full heart to face this world. 🙏🏾 Thank you @troubleman31 for your positivity!'

A commenter said: '@troubleman31 you are wise beyond your years. You better preach. I learned the lesson late, but it has definitely had a major impact in such a small time.'

One other backer posted this: 'If this isn't the absolute truth. It's the small habits that can make or break you. Everyone shouldn't have access to you and you shouldn't access everything you have access to.'

Another Instagrammer wrote the following in the comments section: 'Facts!!! I’m learning... always learning to evolve and protecting my peace my energy and sanity... never knew how important those things were......🙏🏾'

Other than this, Tip was really proud of his latest accomplishment .

He and his crew won an NAACP award for Rhythm & Flow,  and his wife made sure to mark this important moment of her social media account.

Tip also congratulated his crew:

'Congratulations to da Gang @netflix @iamcardib @chancetherapper @jessecollinsent @dionnenicoleharmon @johnlegend (&all the other producers of whom IG’s I’m unaware)…. WE DID THAT SH!T‼️'

Tip is living his best life these days together with his family.

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