T.I.'s Latest Video Makes Fans Angry - See It Here To Learn Why

T.I.'s Latest Video Makes Fans Angry - See It Here To Learn Why
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T.I. shared a video on his social media account which had a lot of followers angry. Check out some of the reactions in the comments.

'Welcome to America.... While This doesn't surprise me.... It lets us know what we need to do... Now Let's get to doing it. @usorelsenow ✊🏽👑💯' Tip wrote.

Someone said: 'He’s been arrested. Keep applying pressure,' and a follower posted this message: 'They already at his house protesting right now. They’ve been there all morning. In Columbia SC.'

Someone else posted this: 'He’s been charged and will be arrested!!! I live in that neighbourhood and they have been in front of his house since 1:00 this afternoon. He’s in the military at the base here in Columbia, SC and they are looking into further action.'

A follower said: 'They already in front of his house. And he was arrested 🙌' and a commenter posted this: 'Oh they done showed up at the man house.'

One other follower said: 'This makes me sooo angry and sad at the same time...!!!' and a commenter said: 'Where is this neighbourhood at??? Let’s go have a car show!!'

A fan said: 'Right! Not understanding why some of the Karen's and Jim's not catching hands! 🤬' and someone else posted this: 'They already at his house now.he scared to come out.'

A follower said: 'That’s a sidewalk and I believe it’s also considered a public area..' and someone else posted this: 'People are already there 👏 Jamal Walker on fb put up photos.'

A commenter said: 'Someone please teach that white man a lesson. Rock his world.'


Other than this, Tip is living his best life with Tiny Harris and their kids and fans could not be happier for the couple. Stay tuned for more news.

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