T.I.’s Daughter, Deyjah Harris Claps Back At A Man Who Commented On Her Looks And Triggers A Debate Among Fans

T.I.’s Daughter, Deyjah Harris Claps Back At A Man Who Commented On Her Looks And Triggers A Debate Among Fans
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T.I.'s daughter Deyjah Harris is one tough lady. She might seem all nice and sensible but she can definitely stand up for herself, and she's proven this more than once. Here's what happened.

Princess of the South posted a few selfies on her social media account, and everything was just peachy until someone commented.

'Females like this is why n****s go to jail,' an Instagram user named @b_zooee wrote. 'We gotta make a law where chicks can’t use makeup til they 18. I’m tired of this s**t,' the same person continued.

Deyjah did not allow the man to place the blame on young ladies that men find attractive, so she shifted the whole thing to men who are not able to control themselves. Here's how she clapped back:

'N****s go to jail because they pigs, and aren’t right in the head, not because someone is wearing makeup,' she responded.

She continued and said 'You think I’m not supposed to wear makeup because of n****s and their perverted mind? Man (middle finger) y’all!!!! I don’t live for y’all nor do I wear makeup for y’all. This comment is quite imbecile and shows a lot about you and your way of thinking. We gotta make a law where irrelevant ass men just leave women alone, mind their business, and more importantly stay in their place. Have a bless and highly favored day.'

Some of her fans and followers agreed with her, but others had a different opinion.

Someone commented: '@princess_of_da_south he saying that cause you look older in your photos and you arent fully legal yet. Usually most women would either lie or not even mention their age when talking to a guy. Especially in the black community. When you look like that thottin up a storm, most guys are too stupid to ask about age.'

Deyjah and her whole family were hit by an unfortunate event  took Precious Harris away from them . T.I.’s wife  Tiny Harris , family,  friends, and fans are all there for him  during these tough days.

A few days ago, Tip revealed something that was really shocking – Precious’ last text message that she ever got to send him .

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