T.I. Praises Mayor Keisha Bottoms For Raising $50 Million To Provide Housing For The Homeless

T.I. Praises Mayor Keisha Bottoms For Raising $50 Million To Provide Housing For The Homeless
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T.I. is really proud of mayor Keisha Bottoms for her latest achievement. He's citing the news from The Shade Room, and you can check it out for yourselves below.

It's been just reported that Atlanta 'is set to make some big and inspiring changes as it relates to the city’s homeless population.'

There are almost 5 million residents who are living in the city limits, and the population is steadily growing.

TSR notes that this 'unfortunately means that the rate of homelessness is also rising—but with the massive amount, Atlanta just raised the homeless are one step closer to finding a home.'

It's been also reported that 'There are approximately 3,217 people in the city of Atlanta who are sadly homeless, which inspired current mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to do something about it.'

The Shade Room cites reports from Blavity and notes that 'Atlanta recently raised a jaw-dropping $50 million to provide housing for homeless residents—which translates to around 550 homes.'

It's been reported that Atalanta just managed to enter a partnership with the United Way of Greater Atlanta.

The main focus of this partnership is to raise the needed money. It seems that the results are pretty amazing, according to the latest news.

'Around $25 million of the amount raised was in the form of donations from private organizations, such as Ameris Bank. The company donated the final $114,000 that Atlanta needed to reach its fundraising goal,' TSR wrote on their social media account and official website as well.

Tip has been promoting mayor Bottoms for a really long time now.

Someone commented: 'That’s crazy Tip, we in in Washington (not DC) got the craziest homeless population and we got Amazon, Microsoft etc....and can’t do nothin bout our epidemic #expeditiously.'

A follower said: 'California needs to do this we need a petition to clean up the homeless.'

One other person posted: 'Meanwhile California, is sitting on their A***!! The homeless issue in that state is so huge!! People are everywhere 😔'

Someone else wrote: 'Great work, nahhhh f** that what about us who are between the ages 20-30 who work a 9-5 but can’t even get an apartment in our names because we don’t make 3 x the rent. We are the future. Or how about kids who had to leave home and make it and wind up with apartments on their credit and even now six years later can’t get an apartment.'

What do you think about the subject and about what Atlanta managed to achieve?

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