Zonnique Pullins Gets Loads Of Support From Fans Following The Loss In Her Family

Zonnique Pullins Gets Loads Of Support From Fans Following The Loss In Her Family
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Tiny Harris has recently lost her godbrother , and the whole family is mourning these days. Zonnique Pullins, her daughter posted an emotional message on her social media account in order to mark this tragic event and remember Tiny's 'brother' as she calls him.

Zonnique began her message by saying 'the very first person to let me get in a recording booth when me and Bahja were just little girls annoying you about it...first person I ever felt comfortable enough to write a full song in front of and I’ll forever thank you for boosting my confidence and making me feel like what I wrote was fire even when I didn’t.'

She continued and said: 'there’s not a tour I went on without you working all the sound and making sure everything was right! and I can not forget when we all went in the studio just to act like we rap fr and even you laid a verse down LOL we were just otp and in the studio together getting everything right for my listening session and I literally called you yesterday to come to my house to record and you told me you were in the hospital.'

Zonnique also wrote that 'this is so heartbreaking for me but I thank God for allowing me to see you all week to create our last memories together..I love you forever and can’t wait to share all the things we made with the world💙'

Reginae Carter showed support to her best friend in the comments.

A lot of fans also showed Zonnique lots of love and they sent her prayers and positive thoughts.

A fan wrote: '🙏👼🙏 sorry for your loss prayers for his family and friends 🙏🙏' and another person said: '🙏🏾❤️my condolences and prayers for you and your family.'

One other follower posted this: 'I love youuuu @zonniquejailee 💕 he was so proud of you at the session, continue making him proud. 💘'

Rest in peace, Sanchez Holmes.

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