T.I. Is Living His Best Life With Tiny Harris - See The Most Recent Photo Of The Two

T.I. Is Living His Best Life With Tiny Harris - See The Most Recent Photo Of The Two
Credit: Complex

T.I. and Tiny Harris have recently celebrated their ninth anniversary. They were in the Bahamas, and both of them shared pics and videos featuring the gorgeous locations that they were in.

Tiny also  shared a video from inside the villa , and fans can see a lot of gorgeous flowers there.

You can definitely tell that Tip knows exactly what to do in order to spoil his wife and make her happy.

Now, T.I. shared a new photo in which he's together with the love of his life, Tiny. Check out the photo that he shared on his social media account below.

'Busy doing nothing....' Tip captioned his photo.

Somoene said: 'Glad yall fixed it yall my favorite couple I'm get my tiny a winner💯🙏🔥'

Another follower posted: 'I love to see how y'all have stood by each other's side ❤️ it makes my heart happy that there are still good men and father's like you.'

A fan posted: 'nah that's not nothing. .thats a whole volume of something...your resting together is a whole book, of love, struggle, gain, reproduction, family, work, limits, lifestyle, that picture speaks loudly, clearly. to those who have ears that can head.'

Someone gushed over the couple: 'Tiny and TI looking like that couple who say “stay off my damn grass”'

Another follower posted: '@troubleman31 sometimes you have to pause and let life pass you by... it’s a must to invest time and energy into your life, your love (@majorgirl ) and the fam... bless up.'

People are gushing over the couple and they are happy that Tip and Tiny are still together and more in love than ever.

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