T.I. Introduces The New Cannabis Hub For Information And Entertainment

T.I. Introduces The New Cannabis Hub For Information And Entertainment
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T.I. seems to be promoting the cannabis industry, and he just revealed a new hub for info and entertainment on his social media account. Most of his fans were really excited to see his announcement.

'Introducing the new hub for cannabis Information & Entertainment. @alldefcannabis 🍃💨' Tip captioned his post.

Someone asked the rapper: 'Are you doing anything in the cannabis industry yet? If not, hit me up. I already work with a number of artists, athletes, and celebrities with respect to helping them carve out a piece of the cannabis industry. Let me know if I can help you do the same.'

One follower told Tip that they 'Really have great respect for your brilliance brother👏'

Tip also had another announcement to make, this time regarding a new episode of his podcast, ExpediTIously:

'Me & my Cap ass Soufside (Southside) Patna @2chainz havin a Cap-a-thon RIGHT NOW on #ExpediTIously Tune in to hear 2 Tru Native-Atlanta Legends go back & Forth bout some real Atlanta Sh*t @applepodcasts @podcastone @spotify' Tip wrote on social media.

People cannot wait to see the episode.

On the other hand, a fan asked the rapper to speak about the latest tragedy in Nashville: 'Speak on Nashville and why they’re only out helping and broadcasting the white side of our city that was affected by the tornado and leaving our poorer side to suffer with no lights, food, etc. I and my family are still in the DARK as I type. No food or lights, and not once have they stepped foot into our neighborhoods to see if we’re straight.'

Also, just the other day, Tip spoke about the old Atlanta days in the most recent episode of his podcast, ExpediTIously.

His fans were really excited to find out all about this episode.

Other than this, Tip is living his best life these days together with his family.

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