T.I. Impresses Fans With This Post About The 'Divide And Conquer Mechanisms'

T.I. Impresses Fans With This Post About The 'Divide And Conquer Mechanisms'
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T.I. shared a video on his social media account in which he shares a few ideas about the 'divide and conquer mechanisms.' Check out his post below.

'So much truth in this @eddiegriffin...I mean... I LOVE MY PEOPLE!!! But I know NOT to be caught lacking out here!!! And I detest white supremacy... but honestly, a racist white person with no power can't do shit to me. It's the people,places&things that developed & maintain the systems of oppression & inequality that we're fighting against. In prison no matter what you were...' Tip began the post.

Tiny Harris' hubby continued and said: 'Nation of Islam, white skinhead, crip, blood, atheists, GD, VL, gay, straight whatever... we all lived together, respected each other's space & different beliefs. We all worked together to get what we needed to get shit done.... & no matter what we ALWAYS agreed on 1thing...🖕🏽da System that had us locked UP‼️ Oddly enough... In that way, I believe humanity could learn a lot from convicts. #KingsThoughts👑' Tip wrote.

Someone else said: 'Lot of real facts in this statement - couldn’t agree more - unity is exactly what they don’t want.... so we must continue to fight for it.... world-changing ... buckle up.'

A commenter posted this message: 'They play the whole game on our backs. If we STAND UP, it's over.'

A follower shared: 'We already been divided. It is what it is,' and someone else posted this: 'I’ve been trying to emphasize this exact point and must choose not to see it.'

Someone else said: 'I been saying it’s no such thing as democrats or republicans... Just a bunch of pawns.'

A follower said: 'but the system was built on WHITE SUPREMACY. That’s is the SYSTEM. We can get kumbaya and duck the root of the problem all we want, but that’s the foundation of it all. Black on black crime is a consequence of white supremacy. Poverty is a consequence of white supremacy. Even poor whites don’t lose their allegiance to America cause they are poor. Poor whites that couldn’t own slaves became overseers. We don’t have to hate anyone to want to be self-reliant and free and INDEPENDENT. Blacks the only ones they can convince to let EVERYONE in on our struggle.'

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