T.I. Impresses Fans With These Photos Ahead Of 2022

T.I. Impresses Fans With These Photos Ahead Of 2022
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Tip managed to impress his fans and followers with a bunch of new pics that he shared on his social media account. Check them out here.

'Ok so 2 of these men raised me. 1of these men I raised. (Helped at least) & We'll ALL raise hell for each other. The 485ers,' Tip captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Tip.....it look like you been sitting on the couch drinking beer, patna!' and a commenter said: 'TIP the second on from left….you look just like him. #deepgenes.'

A fan said: 'So long without smth interesting,' and one other follower posted this: 'I been in and outta trouble since an adolescent Spoiled rotten, dead fresh, wit no daddy present I got two uncles, Quint and Man and they keep me straight!'

One follower said: 'What is Tiny feeding you unc?!? you getting big!' and one fan said: 'Quaint and Man some real one man gave me the game on buying my first house I had never been to close I thought I could just walk up and give them the money and sign papers at they door @troubleman31.'

A fan said: 'Sir @troubleman31 please can you assist me to raise funds to buy an industrial dough sheeter and rack oven to support my baking business please.'

Someone else said: 'As if getting older is a problem! Shit, the problem becomes if you don’t get older, hence what TI said, as opposed to not being here. So be Blessed to age.'

Tip is flexing on the Gram with his home and fans and followers are impressed. Check out the post that he shared on IG below.

Someone said: 'making your home your euphoria has to be a top tier feeling,' and another follower posted this: 'They have one of the NICEST houses very stylish.'


A follower said: 'the way i’d blow down in that tub. skin wrinkly asf from soaking 5hours,' and one other commenter posted this: 'We need social media for rich people and another social media for regular people.'

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