T.I. Brings Up A Quote By Malcolm X And Creates Massive Debate About Donald Trump Among Fans

T.I. Brings Up A Quote By Malcolm X And Creates Massive Debate About Donald Trump Among Fans
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T.I. shared a quote by Malcolm X on his social media account. This sparked a controversial debate in the comments section.

Some people agree with Tip, but most followers said that he's not right to think that he is oppressed.

Someone said: 'True! The media has made Trump look like he’s not making big changes in this country. But he is making our country proud again. #FAKENEWS#MAGA#proud2beanAmerican.'

A follower said: 'He also said” We won’t organize any black man to be a Democrat or a Republican because both of them have sold us out. Both of them have sold us out, both parties have sold us out. Both parties are rcist, and the Democratic Party is more rcist than the Republican Party” Seriously I don’t know why most of black ppl are democrats?'

Someone else said: 'Dude, you’re a millionaire with resources. You’re not oppressed. Maybe controlled but not oppressed.'

A follower posted: 'Tip then why you side with fake news media and Democrats who for 100 years lie to blacks about the things that make blacks vote for them.. watch out for these America hating democrats and news media with there propaganda celebrities ✌🏾'

One person agreed with Tip and said: 'Word!! Mind controllers. So many levels of corruption. They could be reporting from a white neighborhood at a white crime scene & they'll still interview a black person. 😂'

Someone else believes that 'He was way ahead of his time, those words still apply to this day.'

One commenter asked Tip: 'Exactly what cnn, msnbc, abc, usa, new york times all do!!! Where's all that collusion gone?? What did Obama actually do for this country?? #MAGA2020 #OrElseWhat'

The rapper shared on his social media account that Hot New Hip Hop just dropped their first documentary film called Revelations  featuring Tip.

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  • Tathrachna Bun
    Tathrachna Bun Aug 5, 2019 9:21 PM PDT

    The Media is apart of the Industry, People will always Criticize what u do thats why in my Opinion T.i lost a Whole bunch of Fans For Speaking his Mind. Specially the White ones and People that disagree with his Statement. T.i u should stop thinking about Politics and Just live your life U up there

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones Aug 4, 2019 10:13 AM PDT

    It's what President Obama tried to do that the GOP prevented him from doing, like mitch and others. Think about that. Now 45 is running everything off the cliff. When it comes to the 1% he's doing maga also he's also doing mawa.

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