Toya Wright Shares Footage From The Most Recent 'Weight No More' Event

Toya Wright Shares Footage From The Most Recent 'Weight No More' Event
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Toya Wright shared a video and pics from the most recent 5k walk/run - Weight No More event, in Albany, GA. Check out her posts about the successful event here.

'Our 5k is just different...Thank u Albany, Ga 💪🏾 #wnmalbany #fightingobesitytogether' Toya captioned a video.

Somoene said: 'That's so awesome congratulations to you all Toya❤🙌🏾💪🏾'

Another follower posted: 'Come back next year, my knee surgery had me not able to run, but I’ll take first next year! Lol very happy the Good Life city came out today! 💪🏾'

A fan said: '@toyawright I’m on a Girls in New Orleans and I was trying to remember the name of the restaurant you told your fans to try whenever we come not too long ago...'

A follower posted: 'Awesome event and thanks for coming to Albany, GA to help get our community health @toyawright.'

Someone said: 'That was so dope! Turner Job Corps thank you @toyawright @mrrushlife and @weightnomoreinfo crew and sponsors for everything.'

Toya also shared a photo in which Robert Rushing is featured as well. Fans highlight his love for her once more.

Someone told Toya: 'Toya this man really loves I have watched the way he holds you since the gender released party he is THE one MARRY him already I ❤️ y’all together!'

Her fans have been practically begging her to change her mind and marry the man already because it's crystal clear that he genuinely loves her.

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