Sutton Foster Talks Team Charles Vs. Team Josh On 'Younger' - Who Does She Prefer?

Sutton Foster Talks Team Charles Vs. Team Josh On 'Younger' - Who Does She Prefer?
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The actress is not going to choose any sides when it comes to the Josh versus Charles debate! As you might know, her character on Younger is romantically linked to two very different men but Sutton Foster wants fans to ignore that aspect!

That’s right! When asked about the show’s famous love triangle, Sutton had a really great and empowering answer!

During an interview on E!’s Daily Pop, she first expressed just how excited she was to return to the show, stressing that ‘I've just missed it. I am looking forward to stepping into Liza's shoes again and being able to be with all these people I have grown to love so much over the last 6 years.’

The show was supposed to start filming its latest season at the beginning of this year but because of the pandemic, it was postponed and only started shooting this month!

That wait was pretty terrible for the show's audience since the latest season ended on a huge cliffhanger involving the two men in her character, Liza’s life.

When asked who she prefers, the actress replied that ‘It's such a hard question. I'll say Team Liza. Like, I do believe she…I just want her to feel like she truly has a sense of herself and of her career and that she feels empowered on her own. So, I think I would like to see that.’

Sutton also talked about her co-star, Hilary Duff, saying that the two of them are super close friends in real life as well.

She also shared that after they finished filming season 6 last year, ‘My family spent about 2 months in Los Angeles. And so, Hilary and I had play dates with our girls and we exercised together. And then, I was also at Hilary's wedding when in December. And we text all the time.’

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