Sources Close To Kanye West Claim He Won't Perform His Old Material Ever Again In Original Form

Sources Close To Kanye West Claim He Won't Perform His Old Material Ever Again In Original Form
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According to a report from Page Six, Kanye West just released his ninth studio record, Jesus Is King , this past Friday, and reportedly, some fans feel a bit alienated by his choice in musical direction. The 11-song record comes in at a very short 27 minutes, and sources who spoke with TMZ stated that Kanye won't be performing his old songs ever again.

Reported first by the outlet, TMZ claims that many of his old songs will be changed to have more family-friendly lyrics. TMZ reported a source close to the rapper as saying, "he's making music for God and is a changed man."

Truthfully, the critical reception to Kanye's new record has been mixed, with some people feeling quite bothered by his choice in style, whereas others are pleased. For instance, one critic trashed Kanye's choice of lyrics in one song.

Reported by The Daily Beast, the outlet claims Kanye's new record wasn't going to be like another College Dropout, Graduation, or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, however, for those who weren't expecting much, the album turned out good.

Coming in at a length of 27 minutes, some fans were displeased with the length of the record, which comes after his other similarly short album from 2018, Ye. Moreover , Ye also released a Jesus Is King film to go along with it.

The Beast claims that even though it's not quite as good as Kanye's classic song, "Jesus Walks," the album makes the listener feel as though they're attending one of the rapper's Sunday services. As it was previously reported, Kanye's new record comes after months of rumor, speculation, and anticipation.

It is his second record in the last two years, coming after the 2018 release, Ye, following the rapper's controversial appearances on several network television shows, including Saturday Night Live , as well as TMZ Live, in which he did an interview and discussed how he felt toward the current political climate.

Kanye sparked a lot of controversies when he appeared on TMZ, in addition to SNL, the latter of which, where he wore a red "Make America Great Again"-hat.

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