Sofia Richie Happy To Be 21 And Dating Scott Disick - He Gives Her Space To 'Do Her Thing'

Sofia Richie Happy To Be 21 And Dating Scott Disick - He Gives Her Space To 'Do Her Thing'
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The model is now 21 years old and couldn’t be happier about it! Not only does she have a stable and happy relationship with Scott Disick but he is also the type of person who gives her the space she needs to pursue and accomplish whatever she wants to so there is a lot to celebrate on her birthday.

Not to mention that Sofia Richie and her older boyfriend can now finally drink together!

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Sofia could not be more thrilled about turning 21 and she is really looking forward to the next chapter in her life. Sofia's feeling proud of how much she has already accomplished but wants to keep pushing herself and to continue growing her brand. She's taking this opportunity to celebrate because she is happier now than ever in a great relationship, she also has amazing friends, and loves her career.’

‘Scott gives her all the freedom in the world to follow her dreams and he never holds her back. She couldn’t ask for more.'

Fans know that Sofia has designed a swimwear line with Frankie’s bikinis and has also been modeling them.

As for her romance with Scott, another insider also shared with the news outlet that it’s ‘very easy and relaxed. They live separate lives while still doing things as a couple. Neither feels like they need to be with the other all the time and that is why it works this well for them both.’

In the meantime, Scott has also been busy with his own show on E! titled Flip It Like Disick and the fact that he’s so focused on his home flipping business is something Sofia really ‘appreciates.’

She does not want to be part of it however but Scott is actually very happy to support her modeling and just let her travel and ‘do her thing.’

‘Sofia is very independent so it just works,’ they went on to note.

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