Blac Chyna Gushes Over Her Mom, Tokyo Toni On Social Media

Blac Chyna Gushes Over Her Mom, Tokyo Toni On Social Media
Credit: BET

Everyone knows that the relationship between Blac Chyna and her mom, Tokyo Toni has not been the best one. But now, after a few ups and downs, it seems that these two managed to make things right once again.

Chyna shared a video featuring her mom on her social media account. Check it out below.

Fans loved to see this two together like this, but some people believe that they will definitely fight again soon.

Someone said: 'I love Tony!!! Love seeing them Happy & TOGETHER ❤️💯🙌🏽'

Another follower wrote: 'They make up and break up more than Emily and Fabulous. In fact.. Tokyo even missing a front tooth just like Emily.'

One other follower posted: 'They are going to be yelling at the top of their lungs in 5 minutes.'

A follower said: 'In between can’t take them seriously and I’m happy for them 😩😩'

Someone else shared: 'She ain’t have to tuck her stomach in them leggings like that but whatever. This is beautiful 😊💕'

One other person said: 'Until next week when Toni go on live and starts violating Chyna and everyone in this video 🙄🙄'

Someone else shared: 'Until the get to solving the root cause of their issues, they’re gonna keep on having these make ups and fallouts.'

Not too long ago, Chyna's fans addressed the cosmetic interventions that she has undergone.

She shared a few new pics from a photo session on her social media account.

A lot of people told her that she should stop with the cosmetic surgery if she does not want to look like Lil Kim.

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