Shamari Devoe Denies Being Fired From RHOA -- Claims It's Because Of 'Personal Reasons

Shamari Devoe Denies Being Fired From RHOA -- Claims It's Because Of 'Personal Reasons
Credit: Source: OK!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta trailer dropped yesterday and made season 12 its most anticipated one yet. There was a familiar face missing from the sneak peek and she took to social media to explain why.

Shamari Devoe along with her husband and adorable twins made a splash on the Bravo hit. From revealing details about her unconventional marriage to battling against her co-stars about her style choices -- she was able to get viewers interested.

Apparently, her storyline just didn't seem to cut it to invite her to be a full-time cast member this go around so the network allegedly offered her a 'friend' position.

When a fan tweeted Shamari asking why she was fired, the songstress responded: 'I was not ‘fired,’ sweet face. I chose not to return due to personal reasons. ‘The sun sets and rises when it’s ready.'

Rumors swirled months ago that Bravo producers weren't sure if they were going to ask her back at all but absolutely decided that if they did -- it wouldn't be on a full-time basis.

When all was said and done, Devoe was said to be offered a 'daily rate' for appearing on the new season.

OK! Magazine reported: 'The producers told [her] that she’s not getting a peach. She was offered a daily rate to make appearances as a friend. Shamari was told that she would make about $800 a day appearing a few times on the show.'

Marlo Hampton was the first to make the accusation that the Blaque singer was given the boot when they exchanged multiple nasty social media jabs.

On her Instagram Live in April, Hampton claimed: 'Shamari, come on now you’re peachless. You’re really still up here tweeting tonight? Peachless Shamari still tweeting. Hey girl. Stay a fan, just be a fan now. Be sweet. You’re peachless now. They’ll give you a peach and snatch it right back won’t they?'

Do you believe Shamari was demoted or fired?


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