Scheana Shay Says Stassi Schroeder Has Been A Pillar Of Support Following Her Miscarriage

Scheana Shay Says Stassi Schroeder Has Been A Pillar Of Support Following Her Miscarriage
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Scheana Shay couldn't be any more grateful for the support she received from Stassi Schroeder amid news of her miscarriage. The 35-year-old podcast host recently discovered she was pregnant with Brock Davies' child.

On her June 26th episode, Shay claimed she woke up in the morning to discover that Stassi was pregnant, and she couldn't help but wonder how far along she was. Shay says she sent the 32-year-old reality star a congratulation text, however, she didn't say anything about her own news.

Later, Shay began to notice signs that perhaps her pregnancy wasn't going well. She went to her doctor to find out that there wasn't a heartbeat or growth in her stomach. She has since been waiting at her home to experience the miscarriage.

Shay admits that she and Schroeder never talked that much initially. However, over the last five days, they've spoken to each other more than in the last five years or even the last five months. According to the reality star, Stassi sent her the "sweetest" message.

As most know, the Vanderpump Rules family has been split up in a number of ways. Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were fired from the show after the pair of reality stars called the police on Faith Stowers because they thought she resembled a woman who was wanted for theft.

While the incident occurred 2 years ago, the Black Lives Matter protests made racial inequality and injustice particularly significant in the general culture. Faith Stowers used the time to voice her own experiences with discrimination.

According to Stowers, the aftermath of having the police called on her wasn't good. Casting directors and producers would ask her if she was a thief once the rumors began to spread.

Following Stassi and Kristen's firing from the show, it was reported by several outlets that her podcast was dropped from most major streaming platforms , most likely to avoid being associated with someone accused of racism.

Other members of the popular reality series were fired as well.

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