Safaree's Recent Health-Related Video Shocks Fans

Safaree's Recent Health-Related Video Shocks Fans
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Safaree shared a video in which he reveals a health-related issue that he used to have. Check it out here.

'*listen to these cracks with the sound up** INSANEE 😩😩 I was in NYC for a few days and my neck and back was hurting. I needed a chiropractor and @drralphnap videos kept popping up in my feed so I contacted him and he got me right in. He said my neck and back was really tight and locked up so he cracked my neck and pulled out his Y-strap and hit me with that. I’m feeling better but a little sore which he said would happen. Go check out @drralphnap if you’re in NYC and tell him I sent you,' Safaree said.

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Someone else posted this: 'Imagine going to do this and you wake up at the gates of Heaven 🥴😂' and a commenter said: 'Ugh...All I see is a potential Cervical Arterial Dissection in the making.😦 Very dangerous practice with very little benefit. Stick to Physical Therapy and massages, folks.'

A follower posted this message: 'Be careful. My sister just received A tragic outcome from a chiropractor.'

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One other follower said: 'From d chiropractor did dis to all now me groin a hint me and it been more than 2 months I haven't go back,' and a fan posted this: 'My friend use to do this, he went in like a normal day to a professional. He cracked him wrong and now he forever has seizures and is on medication. He is a very active or was an active person. This stuff is scary.'

Someone else said: 'Safaree is gonna break dance no matter what😂😂 Idk how people can hate this man he really just enjoys life.'


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