Safaree Publicly Says Getting Married Was His Biggest Mistake - Erica Mena Responds

Safaree Publicly Says Getting Married Was His Biggest Mistake - Erica Mena Responds
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Safaree and Erica Mena had fans believing these days that everything is okay with them and that they are still happy in their marriage. Safaree was dropping all kinds of happy clips featuring Erica, and this led people to believe that all is great between them.

But now The Shade Room caught some posts of the two and things are going downhill big time. Check out what Safaree posted on Twitter, making fans sad.

Someone said: 'Don't blame marriage. It ain't easy but it is lit when it's to your best friend and with God at the center. 🙏🏽'

A commenter posted this: 'Man bye Bobby Shmurda home go write this in a journal or something,' and someone else posted this: 'Chile, him and Erica break up once a month. 🙄'

One other follower said: 'No, you just can’t handle ms Erica. I knew that wasn’t gon last 😂' and someone else said: 'Your BIGGEST mistake was getting married to the wrong person.'

A follower said: 'This must be a story for LHH because he literally says this every 3 months.'

Someone else said: 'We knew this marriage wasn’t it.. but all he gonna do is get up here in a few days and say he loves his wife 🙄.'

Here's Erica's answer.

A follower said: 'When you have marital issues, don't run to social media. Run to God. Run to His word. Contact Godly counsel. Find some resources that align with God's will. You're not doing anything but inviting the enemy in when you go telling social media, but the Holy Spirit won't lead you wrong. I'm telling you what I KNOW.🙏🏽.'

Someone else posted this: 'That’s what happens when you don’t know each other, marrying for imagine and no purpose. Just vibes.'

Someone else said: 'y’all can literally just tell each other this y’all live together. 🥴'


What do you think about this mess?

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