Safaree Prepares To Drop Some New Music On Monday

Safaree Prepares To Drop Some New Music On Monday
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Safaree just made his fans and followers excited when he revealed he's about to drop some new music in a couple of days, the next Monday. Check out his announcement that he shared on his social media account.

'New music this Monday “Stutter step” prod by @mintoplaydariddimdeh‼️ I need a dancer to make up a dance to this! Winner gets cash prize🔥‼️ Mix & mastered by,' Safaree captioned his post.

Lots of fans hopped in the comments to praise what they heard so far, and they told Safaree that they can't wait for him to drop some new tunes.

A fan said: 'I like this new style of music, it sounds refreshing.'

Safaree also shared a video on his IG account featuring Erica Mena, which you can check out below.

'Which person are you in this situation?? At least my wife didn’t start this mess 🌚🌚😂😂 Atlanta meet the Samuels 😎' Safaree captioned his funny video.

A follower believes that 'Safaree's facial expressions when drama is occurring are hilarious lmao,' and one other follower agreed and said: 'Y’all had me weak the facial expressions y’all we’re giving.'

One follower responded with the following to Safaree's question: 'I’m Erica with my man being entertained by this ghetto mess!' and another commenter noted: '@iamerica_mena facial expressions lmao have me dead 😂 everything she was thinking was right there on her face.'

Someone else said: 'Definitely you. Just sitting back with a drink and chicken wings and watch chaos ensue,' and one otheer follower said that they would definitely be Erica: 'ERICA LMAO she wanted to laugh Lowkey I am her she is me lmao.'

Safaree made some of his followers happy not too long ago when he wanted to respond to something that Casanova said in a video and posted a clip on his IG account for his fans and followers. It’s about the new OnlyFans page that he created not too long ago.

Safaree announced his followers that he cares about their pockets, and that’s why the subscription is only $20!

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