Rose McGowan Blames Society For 'Training' Women To Compete With One Another

Rose McGowan Blames Society For 'Training' Women To Compete With One Another
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Rose McGowan gave a speech on Wednesday and explained how some of her most difficult moments in Hollywood were perpetrated by women, a phenomenon which the actress believes is facilitated by society and sexist culture.

While at Cannes Lions today, the "international agitator," as she calls herself, said she suffered throughout her life on account of other women's behavior. Page Six reported that the star stood up before the crowd and said, "it's really hard," because "women are trained to be their own worst enemies."

Rose said to the people in attendance that women in the industry did many negative things to her, including setting her up and saying the most horrible things imaginable. Much of her negative experiences in the scene had "ill effects" on her mind claims the actress.

Rose, who was one of the first accusers to come out against the disgraced producer, Harvey Weinstein, encouraged the women in the audience to take control of their lives and try to bring each other up, rather than compete and tear one another down.

The actress claimed women are taught to believe there is only one spot at the top and all of the girls must fight for that position. McGowan claimed women want to "sit at the table," but the truth is, they should work toward creating their own table.

At the moment, Rose is gearing up to release her very first album, titled Planet 9, following four years of continuous work. Moreover, the star said she'd be performing at the 2019 Fringe Festival in August of this year, which will be her first performance as a singer.

During the chat, the Weinstein accuser claimed Planet 9 is based on a fictional universe she created as a kid that is an "antidote to America," following her move from Italy as a girl.

Back in 2017, Rose announced she was working on a new series for Amazon, however, it was later confirmed by Page Six that it was no longer on the table.

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