Riverdale's KJ Apa Had To Get Stitches On His Head Due To An Injury On Set

Riverdale's KJ Apa Had To Get Stitches On His Head Due To An Injury On Set
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KJ Apa hasn't been doing the greatest lately. Page Six says the Riverdale star had to have a piece of metal removed from his eye earlier this year, and now, it's been reported that KJ Apa had to get stitches on his head due to an on-set injury while working on his new film, Songbird.

The Riverdale alum said on his Instagram story this week that he "split" his head open while filming a new movie. He pointed to the three metal stitches on his forehead for his millions of Instagram followers.

On the star's account, he also shared more pictures in which he was receiving medical attention as well as another one in which one of his T-shirts had visible bloodstains.

With all things considered, however, KJ Apa is obviously doing alright. Earlier this year, KJ Apa shared another struggle from his life following the death of his Riverdale co-star, Luke Perry.

When speaking with Mr. Porter's The Journal, KJ Apa explained what a tragedy it was when Luke Perry died. The star passed away in 2019 after suffering from a stroke. Entertainment Tonight says Perry portrayed KJ's dad on Riverdale.

According to the New Zealand actor, 2019 was easily one of the worst years he's ever had due to the death of Luke Perry. KJ says the death of his mentor led him to reevaluate how he was going to go about living his life, as well as the person he wants to be.

Apa admitted, however, that he hasn't lost a lot of people close to him thus far, so the death of Perry, in many ways, was the first time he ever suffered a loss. During their time working together, Apa says he and Perry developed a very close bond.

According to the Riverdale alum, Perry was the type of guy who managed to keep everyone level-headed on set. He had a lot of experience in the TV business, and his wisdom was a great way of keeping everyone grounded and on the right path.


Apa says he looked at Luke Perry as a father figure.

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