Remy Ma's Fans Defend Her Against Those Who Were Annoyed By Her Wedding Anniversary Message To Papoose

Remy Ma's Fans Defend Her Against Those Who Were Annoyed By Her Wedding Anniversary Message To Papoose
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All love! Remy Ma has decided to pen a wonderful note to her husband of 11 years on their special day.

The new mother confessed via social media that Monday marked her 11th wedding anniversary with rapper Papoose.

The businesswoman praised her exemplary spouse and thanked him for his unconditional love and support.

Remy also revealed that she had a quiet dinner at home with her husband and their adorable baby girl, known as the Golden Child.

The femcee wrote: "Yesterday made 11 years I’ve been married to my husband @PapoosePapoose ELEVEN YEARS of unconditional unwavering committed LOVE & MARRIAGE!! We didn’t have a big celebration or social announcement, we just spent the day together ( me, him & the Golden Child)- we ate some good food, watched a movie, put out a record lol and took turns playing songs that remind us of different times in our relationship and it was perfect🥰 You can’t fake this type of love you can’t #CC this type of loyalty...NOTHING and I mean NOTHING or NO ONE will ever change that💍I love you my King💋 Happy anniversary 🥂#RemyMa #BlackLove #MeetTheMackies #RemAndPap."

Many fans praised the power couple as others criticized them for not mentioning their other children.

One person said: "People saying her being in jail 7 years didn’t count...nah. You all the ones who can’t count cause Those years counted the MOST. They made it through that they will make it through anything. Lord bless em🙏🏾They been down for each other for real!!! Can’t take that away from them! They dope af!!!"

Another supporter stated: “Me, him & the golden child” lmao she’s got two kids, so she neglecting one 🤦🏽‍♂️The Golden Child Seem Like The ONLY Child. 😭


This follower revealed: "Happy anniversary I love the way he loves you. A real man they still exist. Best wishes. THESE TYPES OF MARRIAGE EXIST IN BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. It’s others that makes you guys believe its unattainable. Work on your self in truth and humility and be rooted in your faith and you can have similar .. smh. Only bitter, lonely haters have something negative to say 💁🏾‍♀️"

A fourth commenter claimed: "11 years married, 14 years together...thats real love. Congrats to them but I hate the fact that they act as if they don’t got other kids, why is everything about this “golden child”? I’m annoyed ..."

Remy is putting the negativity behind her.

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