Remy Ma Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In Sheer Dress -- Are Sizzling Photos A Trap For Papoose?

Remy Ma Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In Sheer Dress -- Are Sizzling Photos A Trap For Papoose?
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MC Remy Ma is making lime green the hottest color for summer in a sizzling outfit that has fans wondering if she is about to trap husband Papoose.

This week, the famous rap artist from New York took to social media where she posted a sizzling series of photos where she is wearing lingerie and hiding her modesty with a stunning sheer lace dress.

Remy wore the outfit as she handled co-hosting duties on the popular talk show State of the Culture with Joe Budden, Scottie Beam, and Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins on Revolt TV.

Fans of the "Ante Up (Remix)" and "Lean Back" artist praised her amazing snap-back game and said she will tempt her husband for another perfect baby.

A supporter of the "Conceited" diva said: "Baybeee the snap back. Young Pepe get ur wife 😍🔐So pissed that Monday was the last show 😭 now what am I suppose to do. I like Momma Remy. She’s, and it shows on your face! 🏆💪🏾🙏🏾💯❤️"

This second Instagrammer user explained the following: “Rockin all different colors from lemon to kiwi 🥝 “ Remy. Ummm are we using this outfit as lingerie or we stepping out? I just wanna know for my hubby. I hear ya voice on that Track !!!! Let me find out Bih!🔥🔥🔥🔥"

Another positive message said: "Damn sis you ain’t have to do them like this. You look like you did when you was younger. Is this Papoose approve lol nice Remy😍😝You find the fountain of youth!!!! You look amazing. My fave!!!!!"

This fan had a cute message that read: "This is nothing but dopeness!! 🔥🔥She came on set in Lingerie 👀 Issa Trap! Papoose in shadows! 😂That's new music in the background 👂? Might as well send that right over so I can learn the words lol."

Remy also made kind comments about Nicki Minaj recently by saying: "I don't harbor any ill feelings or wish bad on her. I don't."

She said this about her friend, Cardi B: "When we usually speak, it's not like a whole gossip thing or whatever," Remy told Williams. "It's usually always words of encouragement. 'Girl, don't worry about that. Girl, this will blow over.' Or, 'You look great in Paris. Congratulations on the baby.' Things like that. I don't think either one of us really dwells on the negative stuff. So much positive things is going on in both of our lives right now that we have way more positive than negative to talk about."

Remy is on her own lane.

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