Reign Rushing Is Twinning With Her Cousin, Elle In Toya Wright's Latest Pics

Reign Rushing Is Twinning With Her Cousin, Elle In Toya Wright's Latest Pics
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Toya Wright has been sharing lots of pics and videos with Reign Rushing this Christmas just to show off the cutie pie and her gifts. She shared a few videos with baby Reign opening her Christmas presents , and the baby girl was beyond excited.

Her fans were even crazier with excitement to see baby Reigny so happy.

Now, Toya shared a pic with Reigny and her cousin, Elle.

Reign's mom posted a while ago a photo featuring a large part of her family, and that was the first time when followers noticed the strong resemblance between Reigny and Elle.

Now, fans say that the two kids are definitely twinning. Check out the pic to see for yourselves.

Someone commented 'They are beautiful and the really look alike.❤️?COUSIN GOALS'

Another follower gushed over Reigny and said 'Lmao!! Reign on the 2nd at the end is a mood honey!!!'

One fan believes that 'They look like they could be sisters they are so cute !!!' and someone else said that Reigny is in fact twinning with her dad, Robert Rushing: 'Reign and her father are twins. She’s a cutie pie!❤️??'

Speaking of Robert, there have been some rumors lately claiming that Toya secretly married the man, but these rumors turned out to be just that - rumors.

Most likely, Toya will let her fans and followers know when she decides to take that step with Robert.

We'll keep you posted. Until then, have the Happiest Holidays!

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