Reginae Carter Tells Fans She's Happier Than She's Ever Been

Reginae Carter Tells Fans She's Happier Than She's Ever Been
Credit: BET

Toya Wright's daughter, Reginae Carter just told her fans and followers on social media that she is happier than she's ever been and no, it has nothing to do with her on and off boo, YFN Lucci. Check out her post below.

Her post is about working on her figure and promoting a weight loss product which has been advertised by more celebrities so far.

The truth is that Nae has been working out like crazy, and she made sure to share lots of videos from the gym.

'I’ve been working SO hard and so confident in my body lately. Since starting this fitness journey and becoming a #teamipartner, I'm happier than I've ever been. For the last couple months, I've been incorporating the @teamiblends 30-day detox into my workout routine and let me tell you, the results are REAL.👏🏽' Nae began her post.

She continued and said, 'Even with my strict regimen, I still struggled to drop pounds, but this has honestly been a huge help. They are gone, and they stay gone ya'll. It’s literally so easy to do. I def recommend, use code NAE20 for 20% off your order at Teami! #thankyouteami.'

People are not too thrilled that she promoting this product and they told Nae this in the comments.

A fan said, 'Nasty and horrible for ya body. But y'all will promote anything.'

Someone else agreed and posted: 'Trash.. this stuff is hurting young women and tricking them into believing this is an easy fix for weight loss.. Disappointing.'

A person said that she took YFN Lucci back and they are really disappointed: 'She took that low life thug back everybody. She loves disrespect.'

More fans have been assuming that she took Lucci back following the breakup because of something in a recent post that she shared on IG.

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  • Audra Bradley
    Audra Bradley Jul 12, 2019 2:42 PM PDT

    Nae your gorgeous and your body is yours there's nothing wrong with it when you get older you will really appreciate what you had but if your doing it for you big ups only we as a person can please ourselves God Bless your a1 young lady.

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