Rebel Wilson Impresses Fans With How Flexible She Is In New Pic!

Rebel Wilson Impresses Fans With How Flexible She Is In New Pic!
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The actress showed off her flexibility in a new post on her IG account! Rebel Wilson posted a pic in which she could be seen raising her leg straight to the side, impressing her followers with how flexible she really is.

It looks like the Pitch Perfect star, who has lost more than 40 pounds during quarantine, enjoys working out so much that she can’t go a day without at least doing her stretches, especially before going to work!

That being said, the 40 year old Rebel shared a new pic of her lifting up her leg yesterday, much to the excitement of her fans who were happy to see her so confident and energetic.

In the snap, the star lifts her leg to a 90 degree angle and then bends at her waist to touch her toes, all the while keeping her leg outstretched, something that’s not so easy for many!

Rebel was all smiles in the photo that was apparently taken right before her interview for Quibi’s Tiny Talk Show, hosted by Black-ish actress Marsai Martin.

It’s clear that the actresses had a lot of fun during the show, known as ‘the world’s smallest functional talk show’ since it’s on the platform known for its short content.

However, at this point, it’s not clear when the interview will be available for audiences out there.

Not to mention that Quibi is reported to be shutting down after only six months of unsuccessful existence, so fans of Rebel Wilson will just have to wait for updates when it comes to her short interview.

Regardless, they at least get to see her on social media since the actress has been sharing a lot in the last few months.


Rebel likes to show off her fashion sense, update fans on her weight loss journey and also show off her relationship with hunky boyfriend Jacob Busch!

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