Rasheeda Frost's Fans Urge Her To Get Her Own Fashion Show

Rasheeda Frost's Fans Urge Her To Get Her Own Fashion Show
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Rasheeda Frost has been sharing tons of photos in which she's wearing her clothes, the ones that she's selling in her Pressed boutique. Whenever fans see her advertising something else, such as luxury brands like Chanel and more, they slam her, saying that she should be only promoting her own merch.

Now, after her latest post in which she's showing some pretty cool outfits that she says are back in stock fans are convinced.

More people have been telling Rasheeda that she should definitely get her own fashion show on TV and this doesn't sound like a lousy idea at all.

'You should have a fashion show for allllllllllllll your AMAZING clothes and fashion accessories....starring ME!!! lol' someone said and then more people hopped in the comments section and agreed.

A fan believes about Rasheeda that 'She’s very attractive and stylish. Need to be under her record label.'

One commenter poted: 'I remember these “jelly” jackets when I was a teenager!! I had a pink one...love them!!'

Someone else wrote 'Tremendous Love on the horizon n going abroad,, love ya everything n every move, I watched love n hip hop the first time n a long time n eye saw guest who, Beautiful U.'

One other fan gushed over Rasheeda and seems to believe that the Boss Lady is aging backwards: 'Looking like a teenager! Love your quality of clothes! Can't wait to purchase more 😍❤️'

Besides being so praised, it was recently reported that Rasheeda upset some fans with one of her latest pics.


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