Rasheeda Frost Upsets Some Fans With Her Latest Photo

Rasheeda Frost Upsets Some Fans With Her Latest Photo

Rasheeda Frost showed off six blonde looks with her wigs, and she's asking fans which one they like best. Then she shared a photo from her Pressed boutique , but with this one, she managed to upset some fans.

Check it out, and you will understand why. They are criticizing her for wearing all kinds of luxury brands instead of just wearing her own merch from the store.

'I ain’t got no free time all my sh*t expensive!' Rasheeda captioned the photo.

Someone said 'That's why I don't shop there and the clothes are not my style and why are people like this not giving back to the community like or helping the homeless?'

Another follower wrote 'The style is fly but I rather u wear ur own than Chanel..Chanel wouldn't wear nor advertise your clothes...Check out who ur Real Customers are..Continue to secured your Vault your Expensive Rubie n White Diamond WITHOUT Chanel. Believe that Lady😍😍😍'

Someone else posted 'I’d rather be expensive than just look like it 💯❤️ VALUE.'

One other commenter said, 'I just want to know why you are representing someone else's clothing line and not your own that shirt should say Boss Sheeda or Boss Rasheeda.'

Another fan also criticized her and said 'Your store is Pressed!! Why wear Gucci and other brands. I'm confused. You want people to bye pressed; meanwhile, you're wearing Chanel🤔🤔.'

Not too long ago, after she shared a video, fans praised her for marketing her brand the right way , but it seems that this latest pic was not their favorite.

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